Tool-X introduces its new fully formulated semi-synthetic water base product – Tool-X SS-500.

Tool-X LLC, together with its partner, Northwest Oil, has introduced its new semi-synthetic water base working fluid – Tool-X SS-500.

Previously, Tool-X was only available as an additive for commercially available working fluids. As the composition and formulations of water base working fluids vary substantially from manufacturer to manufacturer, testing was often required to determine optimum additive levels, dilutions, and maintenance practices. While Tool-X has been tested and validated with many of the main brands (including Blaser, MasterChem, and Houghton), some customers wanted assurances that their oils were compatible. Others wanted the convenience of a fully formulated product which could just be added as needed.

Tool-X SS-500 meets those requirements for assured compatibility, performance, and convenience. For many customers, it will also be a lower-cost solution. There are cost savings from blending the nano product directly into the formulated oil, and the big upfront cost of adding Tool-X as an additive all at once can be avoided. Instead, the concentration of Tool-X nanoparticles gradually increases as the coolant is replaced (the nano particles typically have lower drag-out than the water-based coolant). It may take two months to see the full effect of Tool-X under these conditions. Ask your Tool-X representative for more information and recommendations.

For a complete spec sheet, download it  here.  For the sales flyer, download it here.