Tool-X Case Study #107 – Improved Gundrilling


The Problem:

The customer was gun drilling in SP231-DP hot rolled steel using a multi-spindle machine with a high-quality canola oil and biocide metal-working fluid. Due to environmental pressures, traditional oil-based metalworking fluids had been replaced with veggie-based canola oil. As a result, tool-life and surface finish had degraded.

The problem was how to meet customer-driven mandates for cost reduction while improving the surface finish of drilled holes. Could tool costs be reduced by using Tool-X?

high pressure gun drilling
gundrill 3

Evaluation Process:

The test procedure was to select a gundrilling application, establish a baseline for gundrilling performance (inches drilled per tool), and then add Tool-X and monitor the results.

The evaluation was conducted using a 0.734 diameter Botek self-centering drill bit, designed for drilling deep, accurate holes. To successfully drill high depth-to-diameter ratios, bits are designed with bearing pads that slide along the drilled surface to keep the bit on center.

Baseline values were determined Tolerances for hole diameter and surface finish were controlled.

After establishing a baseline, Tool-X was added to the existing metalworking fluid and the evaluation process was repeated.

The Solution:

By adding the Tool-X nanofluid to the existing canola oil /biocide mixture, drill bit tool life was increased significantly.

With Tool-X the tool life was increased by an average of 119% while improving the average surface finish.

Based on these results, management made a commitment to move forward with the utilization of Tool-X for gun drilling and initiated evaluations in other metal cutting applications.


Tool X increases tool life when gundrilling.


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Test Results: Improved Tool Life

Gun drilling results 1