Tool-X Case Study #106 –
Improved Surface Finish in CNC Machining


The Problem:

A customer making precision parts in a high volume manufacturing operation had a problem with the surface finish on a critical sealing surface when manufacturing band-type coupling nipples. Their CNC machines were used for turning, chamfering, and cutting off finished coupling nipples made from stainless steel with oil as the metal working fluid.

lathe 3

Evaluation Process:

Step one included establishing a baseline for roughing and finishing operations for the finish sealing surface on the coupling nipples. This starting point used the existing oil to set the metrics for comparison. During this period, data was routinely collected on a daily basis that revealed an average of 20.43μ with a standard deviation of 4.56.

After establishing the baseline, Tool-X was added to the oil and the evaluation process was repeated.

106 - cnc - surface finish

The Solution:

The existing oil with the Tool-X nanofluid additive delivered surface finishes beyond expectations.

With Tool-X, the surface finish was improved from 20.43μ to 17.23 μ, a 15.6% improvement, while reducing the standard deviation from 4.56μ to 3.44μ, a 24.5% improvement. In addition to this, tool life was increased from a typical 500-1000 parts per finishing tool to over 6,700 parts; a huge unexpected benefit.

Management committed to the continued use of Tool-X for this high-production operation.


Tool X Improves  Surface Finish in CNC Turning


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106 -cnc- tool life