Tool-X Case Study # 105 –
Improved Accuracy in CNC Horizontal Milling

The Problem:

A customer  in a high production environment had accuracy and surface finish issues with the horizontal CNC machining of 4140 steel using a 1/2” solid carbide ProMax end mill. Quality issues (dimensional and finish) were restricted to three milled surfaces of a cube-shaped geometry. The problem was insufficient dimensional quality and surface finish for one of several tools in a CNC machining operation.

milling in mwf 3 400w

Evaluation Process:

Prior to the test, the machine’s coolant sump was cleaned out and refilled with fresh water-based coolant installed at the prescribed concentration and pH.

To establish a base-line representing normal production, x-axis and z-axis surfaces of the defined geometry were machined.

Spindle loads, dimensions and surface finishes (RMS) were measured for each of the surfaces.

After establishing a baseline, Tool-X nanofluid was added to the coolant, and the machining process was repeated.

Test Results: Improved RMS

105 - horizontal milling - RMS

The Solution:

The addition of Tool-X to existing coolant allowed for reduced cutting forces and realization of the required quality.

  • Spindle loads were reduced by up to 75.1% during ma-chining.
  • Dimensional variation was reduced by 47.2%,
  • surface finish (RMS) variations were reduced by 14.44% for the x-axis,
  • Surface finish (RMS) variations were reduced by 35.70% for the z-axis.

Based on these test results, the addition of Tool-X became the standard for this machining operation. Improved performance was realized for all tools used in the machine.

Tool X Improves Accuracy and RMS in CNC Horizontal Milling


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105 - horizontal milling - accuracy