Tool-X Case Study #104 –
Improved Tool Life for CNC Turning Center

The Problem:

A customer operating a Mori Seiki ZT 1500 Turning Center cutting 0.375” round A-286 steel with water-based coolant in a job shop environment reported that insufficient tool life meant that the operator could run only one machine with reduced machine capacity and higher than expected overall costs. Six TiNC and one TiN coated indexable carbide cutting tools were used for roughing, facing, threading, milling, and cutoff.

turning on swiss screw 1
swiss screw 5

Evaluation Process:


Machine sump was cleaned out and refilled with the company’s existing water-based coolant, Blasocut BC40NF.

Normal speeds and feeds were used to establish a baseline tool life for each cutter.

Tool-X nanofluid was added to the coolant, and a two-day evaluation was run on 600 parts.

Test Results: Increased Tool Life

104 - cnc - tooling cost per machined part

The Solution:


The addition of Tool-X led to increased tool life for all tools. Tool life improvements ranged from 1.29 to 4.47 X.

Initial tooling cost for a set of tools was $1.138 per finished part; this cost was reduced by $0.547 (48.07%).

Overall, the evaluation suggested that Tool-X would generate a return on investment of 810.58% based on tool life only. In addition to this, due to the extended tool life and associated reduction in downtime for tool changes the operator was now able to run two machines.


Tool X Reduced Tool Costs 48% in a CNC Turning Center


Download the PDF for Case Study 104

104 - cnc - parts per cutting edge