Tool-X Case Study #102 –
Speeding up CNC Horizontal Milling

The Problem:

A customer in a job shop environment had issues with tool life and insufficient material removal rates milling 1018 cold rolled steel with a horizontal CNC machine using water based synthetic coolant. Their customer, DE-STA-CO, required 12,000 parts per year; their capacity was only 75 parts per 8 hour shift. The milling cutter machined an average of 31 parts before resharpening; the cutter cost $72 and lasted 10 resharpenings that cost $33 each time. Total tool cost dedicated to the one customer’s part was $14,575.

milling in mwf 4

Evaluation Process:

The initial evaluation was conducted across two identical CNC machines using semi-synthetic, water-based cutting fluid in 80-gallon sumps.

Prior to the test, the machines’ coolant sumps were cleaned out and refilled with fresh water-based coolant installed at the prescribed concentration and pH.

This side-by-side assessment demonstrated Tool-X’s ability to reduce spindle loads, improve the surface finish, extend tool life and increase material removal rates.

Test Results: Improved Cycle Times

102 - horizontal milling -speeds

The Solution:

The addition of Tool-X to existing coolant allowed for increased feed rates and increased tool life by a factor of eight times while significantly reduced tooling costs.

Production rates were increased from 75 parts / shift without Tool-X to 125 parts / shift. Tool life was increased from 31 to 250 parts per sharpening . $60,960 savings was realized on the production of 12,000 parts and production capacity was increased.

After extensive testing and evaluation over several months the owner committed to using Tool-X on five of their key machines with plans to continue expanding its use.

Tool X Improves Feeds and Speeds and Tool Life  in CNC Horizontal Milling


Download the PDF for Case Study 102

102 - horizontal milling - tool life