Tool-X Case Study #101 –
Faster Cycle Times for Swiss Screw Machines

The Problem:

A customer operating Bechler Swiss Screw machines cutting 410 stainless steel reported issues with cycle time and insufficient tool life using oil as the metal working fluid.

turning on swiss screw 1
swiss screw 5

 Evaluation Process:

Two formulations of cutting fluids were evaluated over a three-week period:

  • 1) an existing oil;
  • 2) existing oil with Tool-X nanofluid additive.

Existing speeds and feeds were applied using new tools to create a baseline.

Oil was replaced, and new tools were used for the evaluations.

Initial focus of evaluation was tool life.

Upon completion of tool life evaluations, material removal rates (speeds and feeds) were increased to assess potential for cycle time improvements.

Test Results: Improved Cycle Times

101 - swiss screw - reduced cycle time

The Solution:

The existing oil with Tool-X nanofluid added outperformed the existing oil and achieve the desired objectives.

The Tool-X nanofluid additive enhanced performance:

  • Tool-X  reduced overall cycle time by eight seconds (25%)
  • Tool-X increased parts produced by 37.5 per hour (33%).

As a result, the customer changed to using the existing oil with Tool-X nanofluid additive on all Bechler Swiss Screw Machines. Management made a commitment to move forward with the utilization of Tool-X for gun drilling and initiated evaluations in other metal cutting applications.


Tool X Reduced Cycle Times and Extended Tool Life in Swiss Screw Machines


Download the PDF for Case Study 101

101 - swiss screw - longer tool life