About Us

Tool-X is a start-up nanotechnology company with operations in Florida and Michigan.

Tool-X executives have 30 years of nanotechnology experience, and extensive expertise in lubricants, machine tools, and metallurgy. Jim English, President of Tool-X LLC, is a former GM engineer, with experience in chemicals and coatings, adhesives, plating technologies, fasteners, and lubricants.

Tool-X has worked with leading universities, research labs, and large manufacturers to develop, test, and validate its technology. Check out the many case studies available that demonstrate the effectiveness of the Tool-X technology. We are withholding some of the details and specifics about our nano-onion technology on the basis of advice from our patent attorneys.

Contact Us:

Tool-X welcomes the chance to answer questions and to introduce new users to its innovative technology. Feel free to email us at info@tool-x.net and we will call you back or email you back, depending on your preference.