Jim English, President of Tool-X, featured in Today’s Motor Vehicles

Today’s Motor Vehicles, a trade magazine for automotive manufacturing, featured Jim English of Tool-X in its Sep/Oct 2015 issue. Jim offered up his opinions on how Detroit practices inhibit innovation, particularly innovation coming from small companies and start-ups, and suggests some steps that could be taken to help smaller suppliers to bring new technologies into their supply chains. Needless to say, Jim’s experiences with Tool-X and as a marketing consultant with other small companies have given him perspective on these issues.

The article includes many pictures and references to Tool-X, and some observations about the difficulty of marketing nanotechnology product s. You can’t see them, you can’t really explain in detail how they work, and your customers generally don’t want you to talk about how well it worked at their facility or operation – all for fear of being asked for a cost down or price reduction by your major customers.  Have a read here.