CCAT Presentation March 19th, 2015

Tool-X invites you to come to a free presentation at the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology. Take advantage of this opportunity to visit CCAT. There will be refreshments served.

Tool-X will provide a general overview of developments in lubrication and cooling for machine tools, including  machining, metal forming, stamping, and cold heading operations. A better understanding of nanotechnology and nanotribology is permitting the development of more effective, environmentally friendly lubricants and coolants that will permit tools to last longer, machines to operate more quickly and effectively, and result in parts with closer tolerances and better surface finish.

Participants will be able to schedule free trials of the Tool-X technology. These trials can be either on their own equipment, or in some cases, on equipment available at CCAT. Certain conditions and requirements apply.

Review the agenda, reserve a spot, or ask us a question. We look forward to seeing you on March 19th.


Tool-X is presenting an overview of its carbon nano-onion technology and how nanoparticles enhance lubrication and metal working fluid performance.

  1. Tribology Review

    1. Trends in Cutting Tool Lubrication
      1. Getting Rid of Chlorine
      2. Veggie Oil
      3. Better Additives
      4. Nanotechnology
    2. What Determines Cutting Tool Performance?
      1. Tool Coatings and Metallurgy
      2. Lubrication and Coolants
      3. Process Variables – Speed, Angles, etc.
    3. Failure Mechanisms
      1. Adhesion and Galling
      2. Excess Heat
      3. Excess Pressure
      4. Built Up Edge
    4. Consequences
      1. Tool Life
      2. Wear
      3. Surface Finish
      4. Dimensional Accuracy
      5. Distortion, Microcracks, and Fatigue
    5. Impact of Tool-X Nanotechnology
      1. Built Up Edge
      2. Reduced microwelding
      3. Nano-Polishing / Cleaning
      4. Effects on Wear
      5. Effects on Surface Finish
      6. Effects on Dimensional Accuracy
      7. Spindle Forces and Increased Feeds and Speeds
    6. Metal Forming and Cold Heading Differences
      1. Extreme Pressure Applications
      2. The Role of EP Additives (Chlorinated, etc)
      3. Preventing Galling and Wear
      4. Effects of Tool-X
  2. Case Study Results

    1. Overview of 16 Trials (see table)
    2. Effects on Tool Life
    3. Changes in Feeds and Speeds
    4. Improved Ra or RMS
    5. Improved Dimensional Accuracy
    6. Strength, Hardening, and Distortion
  3. Assessing Tool-X

    1. Additional costs
    2. Setting up a trial
    3. Objectives and Trade-offs
    4. Ancillary Benefits
    5. Calculating Return on Investment
  4. Q&A


About the Event:

CCAT (the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology is hosting this event at their facility at in East Hartford.    If you haven’t seen it, it’s well worth the trip alone. They have CNC equipment as well as innovative new machines for 3D printing and additive manufacturing (metal and plastic). Find out about their programs, including technical training, machine optimization, and supporting manufacturing generally, in addition to the Tool-X presentation.

Title:    How Nano-onions Can Improve Machine Tool Performance
Date:   March 19th 2015
Time:   3:00 – 5:00 PM
Place:   CCAT Advanced Technology Center
409 Silver Lane, East Hartford CT

Online registration is necessary. There is no cost to attend. Refreshments will be provided.  Sign up below.

Feel free to contact us to get more information about Tool-X, and how to set up a demo or a trial of Tool-X products. More information about the technology and our products are available on our website, Click on the button below for a form to ask us to get in touch with you, or contact us by email or phone.

  Case Study Application MWF Metal Tool Life Output Surface Finish  
  101 Swiss Screw Cutting Oil 410 Stainless 50% 33%    
  102 CNC Horizontal Milling Soluble 1018 Steel 700% 67%    
  103 CNC Milling / Reaming Soluble Cast Iron 333%   Improved  
  104 CNC Turning Center Soluble A-286 Steel 102%      
  105 CNC Horizontal Milling Soluble 4140 Steel     Improved  
  106 CNC Machining Cutting Oil Stainless Steel 570%   Improved  
  107 Gundrilling Cutting Oil SP231-DP Steel 119%      
  108 Thread Rolling Cutting Oil HiAlloy Steel 190%      
  109 CNC Machining Soluble HiAlloy Steel 92%      
  110 Tapping Tie Bars Soluble 1038 Steel 80%   Improved  
  111 Grinding Soluble 17-4 Stainless 33% 60%    
  112 CNC Machining Soluble 7075 Aluminum   40% Improved  
  113 Sawing Steel Molds Cutting Oil HiAlloy Steel 90%      
  114 CNC Reaming Soluble HiAlloy Steel 586%      
  115 CNC Boring Cutting Oil Nickel Super Alloy     Improved  
  116 CNC Machining Soluble 302 Stainless 403% 68%