Tech Bulletins

Below you will find our Tech Bulletins – sources of advice on how to use our products, tips for optimizing your machining and tool use, and other links that we find of interest.

Getting Started with Tool-X

Tool-X can increase  tool life, speed up production, and improve dimensional accuracy and surface finish. We want to make sure that Tool-X meets your expectations.

Learn our suggestions for how best to set up a trial of Tool-X, optimize production, and assess the results. From problem definition to machine selection to machine cleaning and set-up to data collection, assessment, and analysis, we provide guidelines for how best to conduct a trial and demonstrate tangible savings and continuous improvement.

Tips For How To Clean and Maintain Your CNC Machine

Does your tank look like this

Does Your Tank Look Like This?

It’s hard to stress too much how important it is to maintain your tanks. A proper clean-out is the only way to ensure that you maximize the value of Tool-X.

Fortunately, once Tool-X is in your tanks, it will help keep them clean and prevent bacterial growth.

But it is still necessary to top-off tanks as necessary, monitor concentrations for soluble coolants, and to remove chips and sludge regularly.

Once again, once Tool-X is in your tanks, it makes it easier to remove the chips, as Tool-X keeps chip sizes down and prevents rats nests.

Read our tips, and then check out the links to two very good videos from Haas on the same subject.