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Tool-X at the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology

Tool-X will be giving a presentation at CCAT in East Hartford, CT on March 19th 2015 from 3:00 to 5:00 PM
How Nano-onions Can Improve Machining Performance.

We will give a brief overview of the tribology (science) at work with Tool-X and then review some of the case studies which illustrate how the Tool-X nano-onions can improve machine tool performance by enabling truer cuts, with less friction and with better cooling than conventional metal working fluids. These features result in significant benefits – extended tool life, better surface finish and dimensional accuracy, and the ability to speed up production rates by typically 25%.

We have conducted a trial at CCAT – see our Case Study 115 – which analyzed the metallurgy of nickel super alloys that were drilled and bored with and without Tool-X. A metallurgical exam suggested that the Tool-X nano-onions provided a better, cleaner cut with less force required, as evidenced by the finding that there was less distortion in the parts’ surface layer, which also eliminated white film deposits, and longer effective tool life. The staff at CCAT conducted the trial using CNC equipment at their facility, with much of the work done by their capable group of interns. An outside lab was used for the metallurgical analysis.

We are pleased with the opportunity to meet with the local machining community and will be available to answer questions and schedule free trials of Tool-X. Suitable applications will be machines with relatively small sumps and large production runs of similar parts – the idea being that we want to be able to develop meaningful statistical proof with a large enough sample size and reliable measurements and controls. Good hygiene is also important; we have found that our nanoparticles – like most MWFs –  work best when machines have been properly cleaned and maintained.

For more information, directions, and free registration click here.

And if you haven’t visited CCAT before, their facility includes a number of CNC machines as well as a state of the art additive manufacturing capability. They have expertise in software optimization of machining processes and administer a number of state and regional programs to support advanced manufacturing. It’s well worth a visit, and their staff will be available for meetings.